Along with the production of the 'Live at Kammgarn 2008' CD, Rittersberg Big Band also re-produced the sold-out records 'Fly me to the Moon' (2004) and 'On the Sunny Side' (2004). All three records with a total of 43 jazz, rock and Latin songs, were presented during the 'International Kammgarn Jazz-Festival' (2009) at Kammgarn Casino, Kaiserslautern, Germany. With the recording of 'Down to the Knightclub' in 2013, the newest CD is now available. They are available at our school and at several local record shops.
Knights on Tour (2017) Down to the Knightclub (2013)
Live at Kammgarn (2008) On the Sunny Side (2004)
Fly me to the Moon(2000) Knightlife (1993)